Free buyer evaluation

Do you dream of owning a home, but have no idea where to start?
Give me a call, I will meet with you and explain step by step what happens in the home-buying process. I can give you information so that you can be prepared for the expected and unexpected. We can discuss your preferred neighborhoods, and what the costs are to get into those neighborhoods. I can even introduce you to a number of people who can make the whole process easier, from mortgage brokers, to inspectors, to lawyers, and beyond.  I want you to have a fun and stress free home buying experience, and I will do whatever it takes to make that a reality!

Do we dig deep and buy a dream home or settle for a starter home?
Choosing between a smaller house in an affluent neighborhood, an older, bigger house in a more working-class community or a brand-new home is not easy. If you're in this situation, start by examining your priorities and asking the following questions:
* Is the surrounding neighborhood or the home itself the most important consideration?
* Is each of the neighborhoods safe?
* Is quality of the schools an issue?
* Do any of the areas seem to attract more families with children or adult residents? And where do you fit in?

As for the return on your investment, home-price appreciation is hard to predict. In the late 1980s, and again 10 years later, the more expensive move-up housing appreciated wildly. But during the recession that followed, smaller homes tended to hold their value better than more expensive ones.

How do you choose between buying and renting?
Home ownership offers tax benefits as well as the freedom to make decisions about your home. An advantage of renting is not worrying about maintenance and other financial obligations associated with owning property. There also are a number of economic considerations. Unlike renters, home owners who secure a fixed-rate loan can lock in their monthly housing costs and make prudent investment plans knowing these expenses will not increase substantially. Home ownership is a highly leveraged investment that can yield substantial profit on a nominal front-end investment. However, such returns depend on home-price appreciation.

Brody Fyke
Brody Fyke
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